Kamp-King Pocket Knife

This is my son Scotty’s Kamp-King scout style 4 blade pocket knife from yesterday’s post about Kids and Knives.

an old Kamp-King pocket knife

Kamp-King Pocket Knife – 35+ years old and still ticking. My son recently took over payments on this baby.


As you can see, much of the black plastic simulated bone or wood handle cover has come off in the last 35+ years, since I got it from my dad.



Kamp-King Scout Knife - 4 blade classic pocket knife

This battle worn Kamp-King Scout Knife is getting close to 40 years of use. It was cheap, but it is still going.

And, ironically, I cut my finger opening the can opener with the knife blade already open, so I could take the above picture:

cut on my finger from opening a knife the wrong way

When opening the can opener on your Kamp-King, beware of the open blade!


Like I said in the last post, everybody who uses knives cuts themselves.  Let this be a lesson to you kids out there!


  1. Nice little knife for your son. I remember getting my first pocket knife. I was about 7. Got it for Christmas. It was one of those cub scout style pocket knives with the BSA logo on it. Loved that thing. But like every kid has to learn the hard way, I soon had a nice gash in my palm and learned to respect my knife :)

  2. Today’s production knives are sharper than ever so care is certainly required – even by experienced knife enthusiasts like myself! I recently cut myself with a Buck 110 after not respecting it like I should. Lesson learned!


  1. […] my 6 year old son, has 2 pocket knives.  One is a lock blade pocket knife, and one is my old Kamp-King pocket knife, which I got from my dad.  My son has cut himself once already, but I don’t think one whole drop […]

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